The Escalating Cost of Conversation

Welcome to the first in our article series The Womanly Art of Alfa, by Eliza Fayle. Eliza owns an Alfa; it is red. If you want details, you will need to speak to her resident mechanic and Alfisti, Marc. You can also find her at Drib(bles) & Drab(bles)

I have to come to realize over the years there is an escalating cost to Alfa conversations. In full disclosure, the very first costly conversation was initiated by me. It went like this:

IssyMMe: “Hey Hubby, I saw this really cool car on my walk at lunch time. It was red. On the back was the word ‘iniezione’.”

Hubby sending me an image: “Did it look like this? It’s an Alfa Romeo.”

Me: “Yes. I would like one someday.”

I got one as a gift for my 50th birthday.

So, yes, that costly conversation was on me. The two other Alfas, and the Fiat Coupe were not. Nor am I responsible for my brother now owning an Alfa.

The conversation generally plays out like this:

Hubby: “So, some guy messaged me about an Alfa he has.”

In the early days, I was naive and thought this was just an innocent conversation between two car dudes. Now I recognize this for what it is, the start of a potential purchase. I proactively go check our funds.

Hubby: “Ya, so I am just going to look at the car to check it out.”

Ostensibly to help the guy sell his car to someone else.

Hubby: “Oh man, if I had the funds, I would buy that car myself.”

Me, fully prepared: “You have ‘x’ amount of dollars.”

Hubby: “Ya, that’s not enough. I’m just saying, if I had the funds.”

A couple of days pass ….

Hubby: “So, I have been chatting with that guy and he just made me an offer I really can’t refuse.”

Me: “Does it fall within our budget?”

Hubby: “Well, I think I can get him there. I am just going to store it for him for now. And, of course, I will sell one of the other Alfas if I actually buy it.”

Car count: 2 red Spiders, 1 blue Giulia, 1 blue Fiat Coupe …. and 1 recently acquired yellow Spider … just to store, of course.


Bank balance? Holding steady … for now.

~ Eliza, Alfisti Spouse

1 thought on “The Escalating Cost of Conversation

  1. Priceless! Eliza, You are obviously as much as a gem as these cars. God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

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