1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 TI resto. Stripping out the interior

Now that the rear suspension is rebuilt, I can now move on to something else. Decided to tackle something quick and easy to do. Stripping out the interior.

According to the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo, car was originally black with a leather coloured interior. Currently the car sports a black interior but some remnants of the original colour can still be found along the B-pillar. The colour is called “Skai color cuoio” which I interpret as “leather coloured artificial leather”.

Original skai colour cuoio on the B-pillar.

Door cards were removed which revealed that the driver’s side rear door was previously replaced with a door from a red donor car. Hopefully not the sign of a collision.

Seats came out very easily and so did the carpeting. And look, I even found an old wizard’s hat! Hopefully this will bring me luck with the remainder of the project.

My wizard hat!

With the carpeting removed I was able to better assess the shape of the floor pans. A few previous repairs but otherwise in better shape than I expected.

Driver’s side foot well shows that the car came out of the factory with standing pedals.

Standing pedal plate

Conversion was likely done when previous owner replaced the old Dunlop brakes with the ATEs. Unfortunately the conversion was poorly done. The Borlani brake booster was replaced by a forward facing one and by moving the clutch pedal, relocation of the clutch master cylinder was also required. Unfortunately there is no room under the engine compartment to easily do this. In a moment of borderline genius creativity, the previous owner simply punched a hole in the inner fender to accommodate the clutch master cylinder.

Considering I don’t have any of the old standing pedal parts I will very likely retain the hanging pedal setup but, intent is to make a much better job of it.

Something that will require a little more research…..

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