1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 TI resto rear suspension, Part 3

Finally, after all the aggravation with the handbrake mechanism, the rest of the reassembly went very smoothly.

Part of my order from Classic Alfa was a wheel bearing kit that includes, the bearing, the oil seal and the castellated washer. Convenient piece of kit!

Installation of the oil seal was easily done using the correct Alfa Romeo factory tool.

Oil seal installed using Alfa factory tool A.3.0160

Next, I pressed the wheel bearings in place using my 10-ton press. I was even smart enough to remember to slide in the handbrake backing plate first! The castellated washer is then inserted followed by the retaining nut. Of note, this applies only to 1300-1750 cars. The 2000 half shafts use a shrink ring to hold the bearing in place.

Finally, the half shafts were inserted back into the tubes. Couldn’t resist doing a dry fit of the remaining suspension components. Looking good so far….

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