1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia1600 TI restoration project

A couple of years ago I was offered a project Berlina by Joe A., one of our local Italian car club member. Although they are great cars, I am not fond of the Berlina so decided to pass not even bothering to look at the pictures.

Every time I bumped into Joe he would always offer me the car saying I should buy it to restore. I finally gave in and asked for pictures. In the pictures were a solid looking mid to late sixties Giulia. All this time Joe was referring to the body style, not the model. I immediately jumped on the occasion and purchased the car. Car was registered as a 1967 Giulia. Although the car wore Super script emblems on the trunk and dashboard, other things didn’t quite sit right. Unfortunately, at that time the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo had temporarily suspended its service. I consulted with some of my Alfa contacts from around the world and the general consensus was that this was a Giulia Super Bollino D’Oro.

I started the restoration with the intent of simply fixing what needs to be fixed to make it road worthy again. The car ran and had what I consider very little rust issues. Just needed to rebuild the braking system and a bit of cosmetics. Sadly, my restoration efforts were short lived. A medical issue prevented me from continuing the work.


In retrospect that unplanned pause gave me the time to further research my project. By then, the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo was back in service and confirmed that the car was a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 TI. Exterior colour was black with a tan interior. Car was first delivered on 1 July 1965 exactly 1 month before I was born. That last fact changed my whole approach to the project and I decided there and then to do a complete restoration to the best of my limited abilities. I am now ready to resume the work which I expect will require a couple of years to complete.


I thought it might be interesting to document the restoration process with the hope of getting comments and advice from other Alfisti having gone down this road before.

Although the car is fairly solid, it does seem to have been slightly bastardized over the last 50 years. The original rear brakes have been replaced by larger calipers likely from a later series 105. Perhaps it was converted from Dunlop to ATE braking system. The brake booster was changed from a Bonaldi style to a later model model. This retrofit required cutting out a section of the inner fender to make room for the clutch master cylinder. Not nice…..

The 1600 motor was replaced by a 2L. This is likely where I will stray from originality by keeping the 2L.

The car went through pretty much every colour of the rainbow. Although not my favorite colour, I have decided to return the car to its original black. Back in the day, black was  only offered by special request and usually reserved for government vehicles. As this is an American market car, I suspect it may have been a diplomatic car. The upholstery is currently black vinyl and will be recovered in its original tan colour.

Anyways, I hope you will find these articles an interesting read. If you are ever in my neck of the woods, feel free to drop by to see the progress (or lack thereof) first hand.



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  1. Thank you for your post. Enthusiastic about viewing more of your content regularly. I hope to give back and guide people just like you helped me.


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